Webpage Construction

Meeting Times 4:10pm - 6:00pm C230 Wed

Contact Information

Email: ramon_gil@fitnyc.edu. Please use your FIT email account for all correspondence. Non-FIT emails will not be accepted. Any questions must be received 72 hours before class or when project is due. I cannot guarantee a timely response otherwise. Office Hours: By appointment


Students learn to construct and implement web pages, from content creation through production. Current HTML and state-of-the-art graphical web designing software, such as Dreamweaver, is discussed, demonstrated, and used to create deliverable web pages. Prerequisite(s): CG 111 or PH 114 or TD 111, or approval of chairperson


Students will be able to: 1. Become familiar with the HTML formatting language and the use of HTML editing and authoring software. 2. Include graphics, sounds, animation, and links to other Web pages using the latest tools and techniques. 3. Learn about various plug-in technologies and how to utilize them. (Shockwave, Flash, Real Audio, Quicktime). 4. Learn basic client scripting techniques and also where to find downloadable scripts, applets and examples on the Web. 5. Become familiar with issues concerning Internet Service Providers, transferring data to (updating) ISP server computers. 6. Review current future software trends and will be encouraged and stimulated to research existing and emerging technologies via the Web and current journals. 7. Develop and Netscape/Internet Explorer compatible Web page as a final project.


Storage Please bring a USB stick to transport your files. Notebook (Optional) Something to take notes in is also recommended. Personal Computers Policy The classroom will have computers available but you may do your work on your own laptop. However, no technical support will be available. When using a personal computer, please stay focused on the class lesson. No surfing, entertainment or social media.