CG 214 Web Page Construction | Spring 2021
Department of Computer Graphics

Instructor: Ramon Gil
Contact info:
Office Hours: (by appointment)

Students will learn many aspects of constructing and implementing web pages, from content
creation through coding, and production. Current HTML and Wordpress, is discussed,
demonstrated, and used to create deliverable web pages. By the end of the semester, the student
should have an understanding of how to construct a website and apply global formatting as well
as localized formatting to web pages.

All major lessons and lectures will be prerecorded and available to the student for reference.
Class time will be devoted mainly for supervised class work on assignment when student may
request assistance from the instructor. There will be no exams or quizzes. Grades will be based
on a weekly assignments, a mid-term project and a final project. Attendance will also be counted
toward the final grade.

Virtual Location
We will be using a video chat platform called Kumospace. Once you have entered, use your
arrow keys or mouse to virtually move to and find a station. Use Chrome on a laptop or desktop.
Phones and tablets are not 100% supported.


  • Students are to ask questions regarding the lessons and work during class time.
  • Students are encouraged to help each other solve problems.
  • Students are also encouraged to take advantage of free tutoring provided
    by the Academic Skills Center at
  • Grading
    Students are graded by how many percentage points they accumulate throughout the course of
    the semester.

    35% —homework assignments (7 assignments at 5 points each)
    10% —attendance
    5% —class participation
    25% —midterm project
    25% —final project

    A+ 97%—100%
    A 93%—96%
    A- 90%—92%
    B+ 87%—89%
    B 83%—86%
    B- 80%—82%

    C+ 77%—79%
    C 73%—76%
    C- 70%—72%
    D+ 67%—69%
    D 63%—66%
    D- 60%—62%
    F 0%—59%

    Homework, Resubmits, Extra Credit
    Assignment uploaded on time are worth 5 points each. Late work will have one point deducted
    for week that it is past due. All homework needs to be uploaded BEFORE class starts

    Extra credit may be earned upon the discretion of the instructor for a maximum of 5 points.

    All students are expected to log-in on-time and fully prepared for class.

  • One point is deducted for each unexcused tardy.
  • Two points are deducted for each unexcused absence.
  • Four unexcused absences is an automatic fail.
  • 3 unexcused latenesses equals an absence.
  • Office Hours
    By appointment only.

    Classroom etiquette
    Your webcams are required to be on unless instructed otherwise. If you have a question, you will
    need to approach the instructor virtually and return to your station when done.

    All students are expected to conduct themselves professionally. Meaning:

  • Show courtesy and respect toward each other
  • Be reliable and deliver on your promises and commitments
  • Take full responsibility for ALL your results
  • Your professional reputation begins here. Make it good.