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Welcome to Joe's picture profile page. You can use these pictures to get to know me better!
On this page you will be able to see some of my selfies and pictures from my vacations.

This was me on my 21st birthday which was in July of last year. It was unfortunate to have to celebrate my 21st during the pandemic but the weather was nice so my friend and I were able to do something small outside. I picked this picture because I think I look good in it and it has nice natural lighting. For my birthday I had a dinner in my backyard, we made salmon and scalloped potatoes with a chocolate pear tart for dessert.

This selfie is from Bastille Day which is July 14th. On this day my friend and I had gone to the French restaurant called Bar Tabac. We met up with one of our French friends here and got food and drinks and sat for a few hours. After that we went to one of the piers in Brooklyn and bought a bottle of wine while the sun set. I picked this picture because I reminds me of the summer and how nice the warm weather and being outside is.

This picture is from last year when I visited my friend in Paris for a month. She was studying abroad and I had taken a gap semester so I decided to go to Europe for around 2 months and spend 1 with her. This picture was taken outside Musee de l'Orangerie where Monet's famous Water Lilies are hanging. I picked this picture because I remember this being a good day of my trip because we had also gone to another 2 museums after that.

This selfie was taken at The Piazza Venezia in Rome during my Europe trip. My trip started in Barcelona and then went to Rome, Venice, and stopped in Paris. The Piazza Venezia is a government building that serves as a embassy, museum, and tourist attraction and is all free. I chose this picture because I remember the view from this balcony being one of the few most breath taking things I have seen and thought that the building itself was very beautiful.

This picture was taken in Boston over the previous summer when I visited my friend there for a weekend. We had gone to Cape Code for a day because it was almost 100 degrees in Boston the weekend I was there so we drove about an hour just for the beach. The photo was taken on one of my film cameras I had brought as well. I liked this picture because it just has a nice composition.

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