Spiritual Artistic JourneyM/B>

I seek to empower those around me and show them the visual journey of my artistic journey. As a child growing up in my community men were taught to repress their emotions and never breakdown or shed tears. As a child I always cried and every time I did I would be told not to cry because I am a man and that is weak. Overtime I grew to repress my emotions and repress myself entirely, it got so bad that to a point I began to forget majority of my memories in order to repress the pain, sadness, trauma, and emotions. But overtime repressing these things stopped working for me so I was emotionally lost and alone. I can't remember the time I started drawing as a way of escaping my harsh reality as a child but it sticked with me for years overtime. No matter what I did or where I went I always went back to art.

Art gradually became more than just an scape as I started to discover myself as a person my art grew with me, I began to shape it into my own, understand it as a form, an identity, a way to represent oneself and others. A way to show someone my visions my ideas and what I am and what I stand for.

I began my own journey of evoking a sense of emotion with my art, to represent raw emotion, spiritual intonement, and an ethereal embodiment of all things not understood. But I want them to be understood through the visual rawness of my work.

I KEEP THAT THANG ON ME. For protection of course!

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