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My name is Ariel Navarrete. I'm 21-years-old and I'm currently a fine arts major. You can call me either Aria or Ari, but I'd preferred to be called Aria. I'm currently in my 6th semester at FIT getting my bachelor's degree and my art history minor.One of my favorite hobbies are drawing, painting, and listening to music. One of the things I love to draw is manga and make my own personalized characters. My first original character is Aria and she was mostly inspired by me. She is also a fine arts major and her main interests are illustration,K-pop,J-pop, and Japanese culture.

One of my biggest dreams is to travel to Japan to see the beauty and aesthetics of Japanese culture. Ever since when I was young, I wanted to travel to Tokyo because I watched many travleing shows and Japanese music videos of my favorite J-pop celebrities. In addition, I also attended Japan Day NYC and participated in multiple activities. I even tried out their exquisite cuisines and it was great. The previous two semesters I've taken a Japanese language course and it was a great experience. My professor also gave me the option to study abroad in Japan and take Japanese communication I over there. I was planning to go there, but because I had something personal going on I couldn't go. This year, I'm making a few paintings featuring Japanese culture for my painting project.

I don't just draw my original characters, but I also draw fan art from my favorite fandoms. One of these fandoms includes video games, anime, cartoons, and animation. I enjoy drawing my favorite characters and explore a variety of art styles. Last year, I drew Jotaro Kujo from the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise and I took a while to finish this drawing for a friend of mine. This art style I drew was extremely challenging due to the amount of detail this character has and drawing muscular characters weren't my style. I love drawing cute/ pretty characters because it's my personal aesthetic and they're easier to draw. My latest character I've drawn was Mira Hale, an android girl created by former college technician and student, Gala Gijutsu.

I love keeping a positive life, but the only thing I CAN"T TOLERATE IS YOUR NEGATIVE JUDGEMENT!!!! Say something stupid towards me or we're gonna have a problem! Got it?