About Me

Something that everyone thinks about is the future. A big question for the youth is what do they want to do with their future. For many years now I have been fascinated with the
tattooing industry. As a kid I grew up watching Ink Master, LA Ink, Bondi Ink and etc. At age 7, I had a washable stuffed animal that I would "practice" "tattooing" on while
observing the Masters on a screen. In a non-career motivated way tattoos themselves have always been important to me. Both of my parents have had tattoos starting with my
birth, so it's always been a presence in my life. I've always wanted to have tattoos on my own body, and it slowly turned to longing to create something special, and permanent for others
to enjoy for themselves.
A bodily celebration.
As an artist I've been struggling with ideas about art and their lifespan and purpose. Printing on to paper is traditional but it feels a little old school. Fashion and how I choose to present myself physically is very important to me and tattoo's are something that falls under that category for me.

Unlike most artist I have decided to carve this path for myself. Most people who want to be tattoo artists do apprenticeships. I have thought about it a lot and decided that I'd like to teach myself.

Starting this journey has been very heartwarming for there are many people in my life who are very supportive, and are very trusting of me to let me practice
and develop my skills through trial and error on their skin.

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