A Quick Biography
- Fine Arts student
- Oldest of six
- Pagan (Wicca)
- Born in Honolulu, Hawaii
- The nicest military brat you'll ever meet

- Art
- Animals
- Yoga
- Thrifting
- Sand
- Tea
- Fruit
- Plants
- Books

Some Works

The intention behind all of my work has to do with human connection. I am aiming to create a space where people can feel vulnerable to share their
experiences while also feeling safe. To somehow create a space to encourage healing in anyway that someone needs it. I want to encourage introspective
thought, because I think it's very important for people to have that for themselves from time to time; it's important to know what's going on with yourself.
I want people to have a conversation type of interaction with my pieces. The more the viewer stands in front my piece the more I want them to see;
one of my favorite things in my art practice is adding subtle details for that specific reason.


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